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Do you feel tense? Stressed out? Your body and mind can not enjoy? You feel uneasy confronting the challenges of everyday life? Do you have health problems? Tibetan bowls sound therapy may be the answer to your problems.

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Already thousands of years ago people knew that the sound has enormous power.
Nowadays, we are increasingly vulnerable to disease. The main causes of this situation are mainly: little amout of excercises and a sedentary lifestyle, polluted environment, a lot of accumulated anger and most of all – the stress.

Sound massage is a way to achieve a deep level of relaxation, during which the sound of tibetan bowls harmonize the body at the cellular level. Sound vibrations restore inner harmony by which remove accumulated daily stress, tension, blockades and a feeling of uncertainty.

Why is this happening?
The human body is made up of 70-80% water because vibration massage sound included in the body and spread in waves. High-density water in the tissues help to transfer sound, and the effect can be compared to a deep massage at the cellular and nuclear level. It’s like a stone thrown into the water – there are concentric waves that penetrate the water further and further away. Thus, any vibration affects us and affects the functioning of our body.

Benefits for you:
– Less tension in the body, calmer mind, an increased feeling of vitality
– Tame joint and muscle pain, headaches, neck and back tension, improve circulation and lower blood pressure
– You will feel better if there is an evidence of depression, anxiety, burnout
– Long-term therapy regulates blood pressure, improves circulation, increases immunity, regulates metabolism, helps reduce rheumatic pains

15 minutes introduction during which you will learn more about the characteristics and origins of Tibetan bowls. This time will be for you to share the reason of comming
45 minutes of therapy session
5-10 minutes questions and answers

Who will lead the concert:
Rajesh Shrestha, born 1973. In Kathmandu (Nepal)
Derived from the Newar caste hundreds of years engaged in handicraft, architecture and trade in the Kathmandu valley.
Owner Om Handicrafts and manufacturer of Tibetan bowls in Nepal.






Please join Kathleen Rafaat and Buddhi Yoga on Thursday, April 7th from 10-6, for a donation based private 1/2 hour meditation sessions to raise money for a Library in the devastated village of Bodgaun, outside of Kathmandu.
It has been almost a year since the earthquake struck. The Nepali people are not recovering due to India’s petroleum blockage, little support from the government and just the difficulty of reaching villages far from paved roads. The village of Bodgaun was in the epicenter and at this moment, the wonderful group I have worked with for a year, have built shelters, brought medical aid, fixed the pipeline for the water, cleared many of the destroyed structures and started an agricultural group to support the farmers.  Now it is time to take care of the children and get a school built so they can have a safe place to learn.
If you cannot join me for this event, please donate. 100% of your money will go to the school. I am returning in the fall to help oversee the project. Go to for more details. If you want to make a reservation for the 7th, go to or email me for more info!  Thank you!!!!