About Us

Om Handicrafts Exclusive range of Nepalese handicrafts

For decades we have been producing, promoting as well as preserving the typical local crafts and artifacts with a vision to reach the global market as to share and introduce the distinct and exquisite part of the culture from The Himalayan country Nepal. The local producers and all the stakeholders get better benefits, as our clients are well satisfied with our eminence product lineup. Om Handicrafts is a business venture with wide spreading prominence of exclusive range of Nepalese handicrafts and greater corporate social responsibility. We have been exporting Healing bowls and other artifacts to Germany, Italy, the US, and other parts of Europe.

Our Showroom:

We are located at the heart of the historical square, Patan Durbar Square at a very quiet neighborhood. We are surrounded by the ancient courtyards. We have leased 4 Newari Architectural renovated buildings. Our showrooms are located in the ground floors and first floors. We have various exits and entrances that leads to the every section of the center. The buildings are interconnected with small courtyards in between. We have a therapy/ meditation room on the third floor for a crash course demonstration to our clients.  Our boutique style outlet and the therapy center is at the heart of Patan Durbar Square with the convenience of shopping peacefully.

Security and safety measures: 

1) Inspection: Inspection of every single door, window, exits and entries are done by our security before and after our working hours. Explosives and other hazardous substances are not allowed in our premises.

2) First Aid and Emergency Response: We have maintained a First Aid box with all the basic necessities in case of any kind of accidents. Fire extinguisher, Axe, Helmets are kept in the places at the easiest accessible points in our center.  Also, we have maintained the phone numbers of nearest ambulance service, hospitals and doctors.

3) Security Cameras: Surveillance cameras are installed by the professionals and they are monitored  in a daily basis. The cameras are also liked with smart phones in order to maintain security after office hours.